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Stop Drowning in Marketing Email - Slack to the Rescue!

If you’re anything like me you’re subscribed to a bunch of different email newsletters that flood your inbox each week. You find yourself managing to unsubscribe from 1-2 a month and feeling really good about it until you realise you’ve signed up for 3-4 new lists in the same time. There’s valuable news/offers/promotions/incentives in these […]

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Syncing VVV over Dropbox to develop anywhere (The Better Way)

Using VVV and vagrant environments is immensely helpful for development but it can be a pain when you work from multiple locations like me. From my desktop at home to my laptop on the run I want to be able to work on the same environment. When first investigating this issue I came across a […]

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Pomodoro in the New Year

So after a great Christmas break where I actually got to fully disconnect from my computer (9 days without sitting in front of a computer or laptop, possibly a personal best!) it has now come time to get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, there’s still work to be done, clients to reply to […]

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My exploration into the Pomodoro Technique

So like a lot of web professionals I’m very interested in the topic of productivity and tools & techniques for improving it. Unfortunately, I often feel like my interest in the subject really doesn’t translate into results. I’m very guilty of procrastination and letting it destroy what could have been a wildly productive day. I’m […]

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Generating LetsEncrypt Certificates for cPanel & WordPress

So the LetsEncrypt public beta kicked off last week and there’s a buzz around the web for the vision of a near future where HTTPS is everywhere online. Since the beta launch I decided to see what I could do with my WordPress sites on a SiteGround managed VPS server (WHM+cPanel). So the goal of […]

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VPNs & Internet Privacy in Australia

So for those either living under a rock (or live internationally), the Australian Government has passed new laws enforcing meta-data retention for Australian ISPs which, regardless of your opinion of the laws has opened people eyes that they need to start taking their online privacy seriously. Knowing you need to do something and knowing what […]

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Use HTTP GET Variable's in your WordPress Posts & Pages

So in a recent project I needed to push some non-sensitive client submitted data to a WordPress page and found quickly that there was no easy way to pull in a GET variable into my post/page content. I quickly realised I could solve this problem with a quick shortcode added to my theme functions.php (you […]

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What tools you need to get started in Wordpress design and development

Getting started in WordPress development looks daunting from the outside, what with all the different text editors and IDE’s to the different codex’s and functions and that weird “git” thing everyone keeps talking about. This article attempts to give you a quick overview of the different tools you’ll need and where they all fit together […]

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